Aquatots Swimming Levels
Aquatots structured programme enables those children that have picked up skills easily the opportunity to move on allowing them the chance to progress at their own pace. Those that need a little more time to grasp some techniques, are also allowed the time to master these and feel confident and able before they progress to the next level. It is hard to say exactly how long a child should stay within a level. Please bear in mind to get the most out of each level the skills in the previous level need to be mastered.  
With 9 levels of ability in our programme there is plenty of opportunity to find a suitable course at your desired location on your ideal day. Our Aquatots Teachers will be monitoring your baby / childs progress continually throughout the term and will make notes when are achieved so that when the Teacher feels they have achieved their full potential in that level they will then have the opportunity to move up a class. Changes are normally made at the end of a term but if the need arises children can be moved part way through a term.  A brief outline of some of the skills that your baby/child will be concentrating on in each level is detailed below.   

Duckling - Level 1

Cygnet - Level 2

Dolphin - Level 3

Seahorse - Level 4

Otter - Level 5

Seal - Level 6

Shark - Level 7

Swim School - Level 8

Swim School Elite - Level 9
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