COVID-19 Updates


03/11/2020 Courses suspended until Spring 2021

19/09/2020 Please read email sent to all parents. Swimming resumes Monday 28th September

03/09/2020  Aquatot Parents, another email was sent out yesterday and should have landed in your inbox.

25/08/09  Parents that were actively swimming with us when we suspended classes should have received an important email, please get in contact if it’s not landed in your inbox.

13/08/2020  Aquatots Parents, please see our email sent out to you today. Please let us know if you haven't received it.

  23/07/2020  Aquatots Parents, please see our swimming update emailed to you all today.

09/07/2020  We are pleased that the Government announcement of pools reopening on 
25th July means that we can start putting our plans into place with 
our partner pools.  We will keep you updated.


All parents that were swimming when we suspended our classes should have received a questionnaire from us via email in the last few days. Please, take a few minutes to answer as it’s your opportunity to let us know what’s important to you! If you haven't received the questionnaire then please let us know by sending an email to and we will resend it to you.

Q&A Section

When will my pool be re-opening for Aquatots lessons?
We have been in regular contact with all our pools over lockdown and when they give us the all clear to return Aquatots HQ will be in touch with you. We are quietly optimistic that we will open in a reduced form in September.

How will you manage social distancing when changing and during the lessons?
Your safety is our number one priority and we will be following the guidelines set out by PWTAG, the (Pool water treatment advisory group) as well as STA guidelines on keeping you safe throughout your lesson. All pools will have been individually risk assessed ensuring we can offer you the safest experience possible during your Aquatots lesson.

Will we still be expected to shower?
Showering before swimming is still very important, (even if you arrive ‘beach ready’) to keep the use of effective chlorine at the right level. We will however be asking you (where possible) to shower at home after swimming.

Will the Teacher be wearing a mask?
We will be following Swim England guidelines for teaching both from poolside and in the water. Should a mask get wet it then is non-protective of the virus. From a practicality point of view as well as from a ‘non-scary’ point our Teachers will NOT be wearing masks

I’ve heard that Chlorine kills the Covid 19 virus – is this true?
Swim England recent guidelines indicate that where pools are maintained within the parameters set out by PWTAG, the virus cannot survive in chlorinated water.

Will we still be able to do Catch up classes? 
Following the Swim England guidelines, it is recommended that until the Covid threat has abated, we will be unable to offer catch up classes, so that the class ‘bubble’ can be maintained safely.
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