Parents Top Tips
We would like to thank our parents for all their help by
suggesting the following 'Top Tips'
Putting your costume on under your clothes at home will save valuable time at the poolSarah Millham 
Bring a snack for after and also some water for a drink. Poncho towels are a saving grace and you can get dressed first. Don't panic in the water the instructors know what they're doing. Sam Ria Morgan James
Get yourself dressed first - that way as soon as your little one is dressed, you can leave, rather than them finding all the puddles in their dry clothes whilst you dress yourself! Tamsin Treston

Persevere, they all go through the 'I don't want to' phase but stick with it, don't give in and let them surprise you a week or two later when they suddenly turn round and do the exercise that caused them to scream the place down first time. Oh, and sing loudly and enthusiastically! Lee Taylor - Pocket

Carry your thing in a rucksack, so that you can have both hands free for dealing with children. This is especially important if you are swimming with more than one child. Marie Weller
Give yourself plenty of time. Rushing just stresses you and your little one out. Amy Coulton
Always carry a roll up waterproof type changing mat with you so you can place your little one safely on the floor. Emma Illigworth
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