Aquatots Methodology

The Facts

Unfortunately, too many young children under the age of 5 drown so it is very important to teach safety skills and water confidence at an early age. (It is the main cause of death of children under 5)
All babies are born with a natural ability to swim and have a real affinity with water. The Aquatots Foundation Programme has been carefully designed to teach you and your baby lifesaving skills and water confidence in a calm and soothing environment.
Most babies lack the strength and co-ordination to swim above the water until they are between 2 and 3 years old, so Aquatots teaches your baby to swim using fun and safe sub surface techniques without the use of buoyancy aids.
How it Works

Babies have an inbuilt diving reflex which enables them to 'breath-hold' for short periods of time underwater. This reflex lessens at about 6 months when babies take control of their own breathing. Aquatots uses key words which prepares babies for their submersions, these techniques have been fine-tuned over the years but are still based around the principles of Play, Train, Play.
The gentle and gradual process of our structured lessons strengthens the bond between parent and baby whilst providing a fun and physical workout for your baby. Swimming in warm water also stimulates their appetite and can improve their sleeping pattern! Swimming your child at an early age can have amazing health benefits too.
The Benefits

Swimming your baby the Aquatots way is a complete work out, not just for Mum but for baby too - exercising the heart, lungs and respiratory system. Because we are without gravity in the water, the exercise we do in the water is so much more effective. Babies will learn how to move easily through the water without even realising they are learning the techniques they need to save their own lives which are to float, turn and to balance in the water.
Continued Learning and CPD

Fiona regularly attends baby swimming conferences around the world, ensuring that our techniques and our learning of these life saving skills are kept up to date. All Aquatots teachers benefit from additional training as a result.
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