About our Underwater Shoot
The Photographer

Aquatots offers you the opportunity to have an underwater photograph taken of your child. Our aim is to provide you with amazing memorable images and therefore we work with Professional Underwater Photographer Lucy Ray of Starfish Underwater Photography. You can see more of her work at: http://starfishunderwaterphotography.com/
The Photo Session

At the photo session an experienced Aquatots swimming teacher* will ensure your baby is comfortable in the water and will swim your baby for you. In order for your photo shoot to run smoothly, your child must be comfortable with strangers. If your child is going through a ‘clingy’ phase and does not like being held by somebody else, it is recommended that you wait for the next shoot.

*The Aquatots teacher present at the shoot may not be your usual teacher.
Your child must be confident undertaking a minimum of 5 submersions in a 30-minute session – a minimum of our Aquatots Duckling level is required to attend a photo shoot.  We also welcome our ‘seasoned’ Aquatots children, either way, we will do our best to capture your child’s best side and give you photographic memories that you will keep and cherish for years to come.

The Photo Shoot

Aquatots holds photo shoots usually twice throughout the year with our most popular one taking place in November in time for those very important Christmas cards. These shoots run on weekends and take place in our warm hydrotherapy pool in Up Hatherley, Cheltenham. Each time slot is 30 minutes long and you will find no more than 5 in your photo session. Siblings are also welcome, at a discounted price of 50% off the session fee.
We offer a variety of different style of shots.If you have a special costume that your child wishes to wears, please bring it with you. Family shots are a lovely added extra which allows either one or both parents and/or siblings to be involved in the shot, these are very popular but preparing before-hand is vital if this is a shot that is important to you.
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