I have thoroughly enjoyed bringing Noah to the duckling course at Paternoster with Aquatots. I am looking forward to his next course. I wanted to send you an email to say thank you to you and all your staff, it is an amazing experience being taught how to teach my son to swim, something I highly recommend to friends. Our swim instructor Sharon is wonderful and i would also like to say that I have spoken to Anne in the office a few times and she is always so professional and helpful, even when I'm being a nuisance! So thank you again, Noah and I are loving every minute with Aquatots!
Louise Peacock
Cannot speak more highly of Aquatots, we love it!  Our little girl who is nearly 3 years old has been swimming with Luke since she was 5 months old, the things she can do because of Aquatots absolutely amazes us, she loves it and is so water confident, which makes us more relaxed and able to enjoy swimming as a family!  Our little boy is 8 weeks and he's just started the Aquatots journey too, can't wait to see him learn all these wonderful skills and confidence in a relaxed and fun atmosphere!  Highly recommend Aquatots to all parents thinking of taking their little ones for swimming lessons, a great investment we feel.  We have nothing negative to say about it, we continue to enjoy every part of it! 
Jessica Gasson
We swim in Cirencester with Aquatots and love every minute of it. The teachers are patient but firm with us nervous mums and dads and the babies just take it in their stride. Amazed at how well my son does at 15 months and some of the things he's learnt in the pool help him in 'normal' life, especially 'hold on' to the swings when he was tiny!! I can't recommend the Aquatots lessons highly enough, it's just fabulous seeing all the children progress so quickly and enjoy it so much
Susan Fulcher
I am doing the Aquatots course with both my girls. I thoroughly recommend it for the confidence it has given them in the water and for me when I have taken them swimming. The classes are small and I really feel that all the teachers we have had over the 3+ years we have been doing Aquatots have really known my girls. Their expertise has got them through the "tougher" times, with alternative exercises to try and words of encouragement for me. If you are thinking of baby swimming lessons, Aquatots is definitely worth trying - particularly as they run "taster sessions"
Karen Whitlock
Could I just take this chance to say how pleased I am that I started the Aquatots course with Edward and what a wonderful teacher Sara Belshaw is. Edward has really bonded with her and has made great progress. I look forward to signing up for the next lot of sessions next week.
Lisa Hetherington
Fantastic teaching. My daughter nearly 2 has been swimming with Aquatots since 8 weeks old and her water confidence and skills can be clearly seen. When we go swimming by ourselves other parents always comment and ask who we swim with. They learn so much better in a warm and quiet pool and with an Aquatots teacher.
Christine Williams
Have taken my eldest swimming (now 3) since he was several weeks old - to see him dive, swim unassisted, climb out of the pool and just be so incredibly confident in water, has made us extremely grateful and appreciate of Aquatots.
Needless to say our new 6mth old now goes too and he's equally as confident.  Thank you for being such an important part of our little family's life - cannot recommend highly enough.

Others only imitate - these guys are the best. 
Mark Welsh
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