Fun and Booster Sessions

Holiday Sessions

During the summer holidays we offer a variety of different swim sessions for parents to take part in if they wish to keep their swimming going. Booster/Fun Swims  are just one of these and are aimed at those parents/children who wish to focus on aspects of their level they may feel they need a bit more help with under the watchful eye of an Aquatots instructor.

When your Aquatots classes are taking a break because of holidays or you are able to fit practise time into your normal week, your teacher will actively encourage you to find a pool near you where you can gain extra pool time.  Your little Aquatot (and you as a parent) will gain in confidence as you practise the skills you have learnt during lessons - particularly if your child is going through the 'wobbly phase'.
Holiday Swimming

Tewkesbury Park Hotel and Cheltenham Park Hotel offer Aquatots parents the chance of a fun swim during the Aquatots term breaks. These sessions cost £5.00 for mum and baby and are paid directly to the hotel. Please check with the hotel pool timetable before going.
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