Introduction Courses
If you would like a more in depth introduction into the Aquatots submersion techniques and the Aquatots Foundation Programme then this is the course for you.
The 3 x 30 minute water sessions are run on consecutive weeks and are the perfect preparation for starting your Aquatots course. Parents attending this course will receive a 10% discount when they book onto a Duckling Course.
Introduction Courses

This course is the ideal preparation for parents who want a more in depth  introduction to the submersion techniques which Aquatots use on our Duckling course.
Warm Up Exercises

Your experienced Aquatots Teacher will lead you gently through a variety of surface water exercises specifically designed to help you, as the parent, gain the confidence you need to swim your baby.

The course will culminate in a gentle submersion. This will allow you the opportunity (if you wish) to watch your baby swim underwater for the first time.
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