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Aquatots Duckling Starter Courses
Babies as young as 8 weeks old can start the Aquatots Programme. It is recommended that you start under 12 months old but Aquatots take babies up to 18 months old for the Duckling Starter level.
Aquatots Spring Term Duckling courses start in February (8 week course). Book online NOW
Aquatots Introduction to Baby Swimming
If you would like a more in depth introduction to the Aquatots submersion techniques and the Aquatots Foundation Programme then this is the course for you. The 3 x 30 minute water sessions are run on consecutive weeks and are the perfect preparation for starting your Aquatots Duckling Course. Parents attending this course will receive a 10% discount when they book onto a Duckling Course. Book online NOW
Aquatots Taster Session
If you have never introduced your baby to water then come along to one of our Aquatots Taster Sessions. This free 25minute session is designed to give you confidence in the water and a taste of what to expect on an Aquatots Course. Book online NOW

Duckling Starter Courses
Introduction to Baby Swimming
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Aquatots Progressive Swimming Levels

After a lot of thought and hard work the levels for our Aquatots have been reviewed,
revamped and we feel cater for each individual child. The new system enables
those children that have picked up skills quickly more opportunity to move on and
those that need a little more time to grasp some techniques more time to master and
feel confident before they progress to the next level. 
 It is hard to say exactly how long a child should stay within a level, for some it can be
just a term for others maybe 2/3 terms. Please bear in mind to get the most out of each
level the skills in the previous level need to be mastered.






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